Full Throttle

Enjoy my new book Full Throttle - Living Life to the Max with No Regrets. My new self-help business book has been published that specifically focuses on CEO successes and failures in the public transit industry. The book “Full Throttle – Living Life and Your Career to the Max with No Regrets” features 30 stories … Continue reading Full Throttle

Providing Powerful Paratransit

By Paul Comfort, Esq., (c) Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. With my buddy Marlon Bates - Top Paratransit KPI Producer Creating Paratransit Service Excellence Marlon Bates served as Director of Mobility Services at the MTA in Baltimore, Maryland for the past year.  With three ADA contractors (Transdev, First Transit and MV) along with non-ADA paratransit … Continue reading Providing Powerful Paratransit

Comfort’s 3 C’s of Leadership

I look for three C's in leaders - Character, Competence and Communcation What is Character?  In a word "integrity" - doing what's right when no one else is looking.  Staying on the job until the job gets done, right.  This separates the leaders from the followers and shows you are committed to the company/agency and your … Continue reading Comfort’s 3 C’s of Leadership