Full Throttle

Have you ever wondered what the secrets to CEOs success are? Open this book to read our stories, first-hand and unplugged. Find out how we made key decisions for our lives and careers that led to great success.  Learn how CEOs think and evaluate options in a crisis situation.  What decision making processes do CEOs use?   How can you learn from our successes and failures to create better outcomes for your life and career?

This book reveals the answers.  Get your copy today on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1724168789/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_pDQjCbEQ0ZS8Z


What America’s Top Transportation Leaders are saying about the book Full Throttle:

I am very pleased to see the stories of so many public transportation industry professionals compiled in one book. These are the stories of vital infrastructure, innovation and the always-present need for mobility in the modern world. Transit workers everywhere will benefit from some of the hard-earned lessons collected by Paul Comfort.

Phil Washington, CEO Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Paul’s wealth of industry innovation comes across in every interaction.

His vision sees beyond the not yet possible.  With his enthusiasm and

clarity he transports any audience to the exciting opportunities ahead.

–  Bill Carpenter, CEO Rochester- Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

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